Aurelia Ring


Sterling silver sculptural ring.

Designed from a model that I first created in wax then molded and casted in silver.

The spiral part of the ring allows to easily adjust to the preferred size.

Set with a piece of transparent glass with iridescent reflections.

  • Setting diameter: 13mm X 8mm in height
  • Total weight: 9.10 grams


**** Don’t forget to add a note to your order telling me your ring size so I can pre-adjust it to the right size.

Tip: a piece of string or paper cut into a thin strip. Wrap this piece of paper or string around your finger. Once it has been wrapped all the way around, mark with a pen or pencil the point where the two ends overlap.
Lay the piece of paper or string flat and measure the marked area with a ruler. Tell me this measurement in mm and I will convert to fit your ring to the correct size.