Jewellery collections

Inspired by glass and light, I let my imagination go by following a direction and then I let myself be guided.

Each piece is designed by hand. Each of the shades and colors is a piece of hand-cut glass. Everything is fused at high temperature, i.e. 1500 ° F. Finally, the whole result is sanded and manually cold beveled to give the piece of glass different textures, finishes, angles and bevels.

Marie Saint Pierre perfumes

Eager to showcase the talent of local artists. Marie Saint Pierre commissioned Quebec artist Mélanie Laplante to dress her eaux de parfum.

The black-lacquered bottles are enriched with a unique piece of fused glass which, with a note of humor, dares to be wrapped simply in kraft paper.

B and C are anonymous, so their creator wanted to leave the door open to the imagination.

M#1 Light Fixtures Series

Colorful and luminous pendants, like a final touch to a decoration, an exclamation point, the luminaire by the eye of MÉLA was born.

A luminous decoration, which dresses the space by day with its color, and at night by lighting it. The luminaires are available in copper, stainless steel or black steel, for classic, neutral, pastel, warm and cold combinations, depending on the interior of each one.

(now out of stock)

Robe Plastron – glass dress

Around a hundred pieces hand-drilled 600 times and then fused.
Some 400 bronze and copper rings give a beautiful movement to the dress which weighs around 30 pounds …

“The Monument-National presents the exhibition En Verre et contre tout! 

An original and unusual exploration of glasswork.

Montreal, September 1, 2010


In my early days I also had the chance to collaborate more than once with great designers who needed button pieces in their unique style.

Ornamental pieces as in the photo for Martin Lim. Unique buttons and matching jewelry for Melow. Buttons like little jewels for the magnificent Maillagogo knits. Original and colorful for the Slak clothing line. Sparkling brooches for Dinh Bà and many more!

La Porteuse

Now exposed at Hector-Charland Theatre, L’Assomption

Colliers Avalanche par MELAfestival mode et design stylisme Melanie Brisson_photo sebastien roy


For years I have worked closely with several Montreal stylists.

Great collaborations for fashion shows during Montreal Fashion Weeks and the Fashion & Design Festival among others.   Also lookbook photoshootings for different designers. An effervescent era of local fashion in Quebec!


I have been fortunate to have a few media mentions and to see my jewelry worn beautifully in magazines.

Creative photo shoots with super talented stylists and photographers from across Canada.