Slide NÉVÉ 2fr DISCOVER A new collection of unique pieces 3fr CHOOSE MINE A névé is an accumulation of snow that can persist below the eternal snow line, even during part of the summer.

It can be at the origin of a glacier.

glass jewelry for yourself and for your home

For me, glass is a density material that makes light vibrate.

I like to superimpose the layers of colored glass. 

Witch transformed by heat, forms a movement whose traces can be seen, different in each of the pieces. 

I add my touch, by cold faceting angles following the curves created by the heat.

A paradox in itself to rearrange heat with cold! The end result then becomes shimmering or frosted 

to reflect and diffuse the light like only glass can.

Entirely handmade in Montreal.

Glass and Light


Jewelry for Men

Dynamic and daring pieces with angular cuts. Metallic hues, unreal reflections.

Veilleuse cobalt lumière sombre sur un livre Montreal, quebec artiste

Jewelry for Home

Lyrical decorative pieces that translate my wonder of glass and light.

10% of the profits go directly to the David Suzuki Foundation to support the cause of pollinators.

Flower rings