Custom Repair


Accidents happen, I’m well aware of it, but no problem, you’ve got it covered! (^_^)

I offer repair service to extend the life of your MELA jewelry. It is my pleasure to repair the piece of glass for free.

However, if the components are damaged and cannot be repaired, such as leather, chains, sterling silver bases then an amount for the replacement will be charged to you in addition.

Postage costs are the responsibility of the customer and payable in advance for all repairs, even those covered by * warranty.

Understand that I am happy to offer the repair but in order to be able to repair your jewel for free I cannot absorb the additional postage costs. Canada Post does not give me special treatment, unfortunately… 😉

Choose the type of repair you need, this amount is for the return of your repaired jewelry. Instructions will follow your purchase.

Thank you for your confidence!!

Melanie X

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