Artistic approach

MÉLA makes jewellery, jewellery for the body and for the home…

After living and exploring ceramic ,leather and silversmith in cemtral and south america I came back to Montreal and had to relearn the ways to work my matters. Different materials and different ways to sell my work, I found myself needing to exploit the same inspiration and desires at work but with a different clientele and mentality.

While researching different glazes for my ceramics I tested with glass frit and there it was. Instant love! The glass appeared to me like the perfect vessel for what I was trying to accomplish.


Every piece I make is for me a unique task. It is revealed to me such as a jewel to wear or a jewel for the home or even a jewel for the table. I love that my creations are as much as esthetic and functional, as artistic and original.


I always start a serie of work with the glass that dots my working table. Just freely putting them together, like little puzzles. The juxtaposition of the colors guide my inspiration. I assemble, like a painting, the different glass pieces that I hand cut on the way. And then from that abstract composition sheet emerges the pieces that will form my next jewellery collection.

I love the density of the glass, I tend to create thickness. This is why I prefer thermoforming and superimposition of the different colored glass.  Faceting and coldworking it results in making the lower layers of the glass composition come through : one of my favorite part !


First syllables of the glass artist’s name :  LANIE LAPLANTE

Sanskrit word meaning to assemble, to unite. An allusion to the fusing and thermoforming techniques mainly used in her Montreal’s workshop.

MÉLA is a glass artist living in Montreal.

This matter, theglass, will become a jewelry, a light or a work of art.

Minimalist and timeless

Glass and Light

Mélanie Laplante plays with light through glass. The creations that inhabitate her space always have these 2 characteristics ; esthetic and function.

This glasswork has given rise to unique pieces in the form of 

  • Jewel, a beautiful object that we love to wear
  • Light, a decorative object that decorates our environment

Playing with shapes and colors, she fuses different pieces of glass to create pieces that are largely inspired by her sourroundings that feed the imagination: architecture, art, nature.


MÉLA is a glass artist based in Montreal.
15 years as an artisan, Mélanie Laplante (MÉLA) learnt to tailor accessories and jewellery in South America where she lived for four years after having traveled around the world solo !

During these 4 years she followed the teaching of skilled local artists working with ceramic, leather and silver.

It is since 2007 that Melanie is working solely with glass and she mostly developed her experience as an autodidact. Searching and experimenting and throwing herself into the task of composing with glass.

Her work has appears in many collaborations with different designers in Montreal.

  • -Custom handmade buttons
  • -Perfume bottles
  • Jewellery for fashion shows, magazine editorials etc…

 I don’t sculpt glass and I don’t conceptualize it as an object but mostly as an inspired canvas.

For me every piece is like a small artwork, wearable and practical.